At 7ft x 5ft this is the largest completely enclosed booth you will find. At this size, we routinely get 10-12 people in the booth at a time, and sometimes well beyond (depends how comfy you want to be!). Both classy and elegant, this black booth fits in perfectly in any setting and can be further accented with a door curtain with your choice of color, to match your event's decor.


Open booth


Comprised of a free standing photo booth tower and backdrop, this option invokes a minimalist design without sacrificing quality or enjoyment. This is perfect if you would like to increase attention to the booth and interaction amongst your guests, as they can easily view each other enjoying the booth and jump in on the action. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd! Also, this is the option we use with our Glamour Package and with any rental using a custom vinyl backdrop.


a one of a kind

We are very proud to unveil our BollyBooth. Custom made and designed by our staff, this booth replicates the beauty and splendor of South Asian bridal tents. This option comes complete with lanterns, special props, and its one-of-a-kind design.